Visum Studio is an audiovisual production company founded in Barcelona / Spain based in Bogotá / Colombia. Our production house specializes in the field of fiction and advertising. We are forced to invest a large part of our profits in our own and third-party fiction projects. We are passionate about fiction, telling stories and introducing cinematographic language in all our advertising projects. Our motto in advertising is, “We do not advertise, we do film advertising.”
We strive to achieve a fulfillment of the needs and priorities of our customers, always maintaining our cinematographic style. In recent years we have produced large budget projects such as the last campaign of the Pisorasis for Novartis, but we have also been characterized by understanding the digital market by renewing our creativity and using the resources necessary for productions of this size. Understanding this evolution of the audiovisual market, Visum Studio has a diverse quarry of directors in both countries that fulfill a wide range of audiovisual styles, for the different needs of each type of project.